Articles in Sites and Structures for Nangkor

Tali Dratshang or Tali Thegchu Yoezercholing Gonpa or Kuenzang Chokhorling

Description Tali dratshang (monastery) is located in Tali village, Zhemgang district. The dratshang is located on a mountain slope opposite […]

Tali Lhakhang / Tali Sergi Lhakhang

Description Tali lhakhang (temple) is located in Tali, Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang district.  Tali village is connected by a feeder road […]

Tashi Choeling Lhakhang / Duenmang Lhakhang

Description Tashi Choeling Lhakhang, popularly known as Duenmang Lhakhang, is located at Duenmang, in Nangkor Gewog, Zhemgang Dzongkhag. It is […]

Khangzang Lhakhang /Zhobling Lhakhang

Description Khangzhang lhakhang, popularly known as Zhobling lhakhang, is located at Zhobling, in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. Zhobling is about […]

Nyakhar Lhakhang

Description The Nyakhar lhakhang is located in Nyakhar village, in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is located approximately 55 kms […]

Tshaldang Lhakhang

Description Tshaldang lhakhang is located above the village farm road at Tshaldang village in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is […]

Ogyen Choling Lhakhang

Description Ogyen Choling lhakhang is located above Tsaldang and Nyakha village in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is approximately 56 […]

Buli Dechen Choling Lhakhang

Description   Buli Dechen Choling temple is located in the heart of Buli village under Nangkor gewog and is about […]

Duenmang Tshachu/ Duenmang Hot Spring

Description   Duenmang Tshachu or Duenmang hot spring is located on a steep cliff of Kamjong in Nangkor gewog under […]

Buli Tsho

Description Tshomen Kuntu Zangmo commonly known as Buli Menmo is believed to be the deity of the Buli Tsho (Lake). […]

Buli Khelam Gonpai Lhakhang

Description Buli Khelam Gonpai Lhakhang is a privately-owned temple, and it is located in Buli Gonpa village. One can reach […]

Monmo Tokto Lhakhang

Description Monmo Tokto Lhakhang features more of Tibetan architectural design. It is a two-story Lhakhang built on a hill. The […]

Kheng Buli Khar Lhakhang/Bar lhakhang

Description Khar Lhakhang is a community-owned temple located in the middle of Buli village, Zhemgang. It is a one-story temple […]