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Tali Dratshang or Tali Thegchu Yoezercholing Gonpa or Kuenzang Chokhorling

Description Tali dratshang (monastery) is located in Tali village, Zhemgang district. The dratshang is located on a mountain slope opposite […]

Tali Lhakhang / Tali Sergi Lhakhang

Description Tali lhakhang (temple) is located in Tali, Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang district.  Tali village is connected by a feeder road […]

Tingkar Ney

Description Tingkar Ney is located in Shingkar gewog, Zhemgang district. The gewog is approximately a day’s journey by car from […]

Tingkarong Lhakhang

Description Tingkarong is located in Shingkar gewog under Zhemgang dzongkhag. From the main Zhemgang town, it takes a day by […]

Pising Zowa Chagdor Lhakhang

Description  Pising Zowa Chagdor lhakhang popularly known as Pisingna Lhendup Choeling lhakhang is a privately owned temple. It is located […]

Tashi Thongmon Lhakhang

Description Tashi Thongmon lhakhang or Wamling Gonpa Tashi Thongmon (as the residents call it) is nestled against a cliff above […]

Wamling Trong Lhakhang / Lhakhangbi

Description Wamling Trong lhakhang, locally known as Lhakhangbi, is a private temple. It is located at an elevation of 1401m […]

Gangdarpong Lhakhang/ Pong Lhakhang

Description Gangdarpong temple, locally known as Pong lhakhang, was a privately owned temple located at an altitude of 2025m, overlooking […]

Tashi Choeling Lhakhang / Duenmang Lhakhang

Description Tashi Choeling Lhakhang, popularly known as Duenmang Lhakhang, is located at Duenmang, in Nangkor Gewog, Zhemgang Dzongkhag. It is […]

Khangzang Lhakhang /Zhobling Lhakhang

Description Khangzhang lhakhang, popularly known as Zhobling lhakhang, is located at Zhobling, in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. Zhobling is about […]

Wamling Pong Lhakhang

Description Wamling Pong lhakhang (temple) is located on a ridge above Wamling village.  The temple is named Wamling Pong temple […]

Thadjong Mangi Lhakhang or Phumedkai Lhakhang

Description Thadjong Mangi lhakhang which translates to Thadjong Communal temple is located in Thadjong village at an elevation of 1650m […]

Nyakhar Lhakhang

Description The Nyakhar lhakhang is located in Nyakhar village, in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is located approximately 55 kms […]

Tshaldang Lhakhang

Description Tshaldang lhakhang is located above the village farm road at Tshaldang village in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is […]

Wamling Phu Lhakhang

Description Wamling village is located about 3 hours’ drive from Buli village, and it is connected by a newly paved […]

Wamling Gaden Tashicholing Lhakhang

Description Gaden Tashi Choling, Shingkhar gewog, Zhemgang district, is a one-storey temple built on a ridge that overlooks the village […]

Trong Lhakhang

Description The two-storey Trong temple is located in the neighborhood of Zhemgang town, overlooking the magnificent Zhemgang dzong. It is […]

Jatshabi Lhakhang

Description Jatshabi is a private lhakhang, owned by Lopen Phuntsho and his family. It is located at Jatshabi, consisting of […]

Yombung Lhakhang

Description The Yombung lhakhang is a traditional two-storey building, owned by Lopen Jimba and his family. Lopen Jimba inherited the […]

Trong Village

Description Trong village is situated at an elevation of 1955m above sea level.  The village is adjacent to Zhemgang main […]

Baza Guru Dungkhor Lhakhang

Description Baza Guru Dungkhor lhakhang is located at a distance of 10 minutes’ drive from the heart of Zhemgang town. […]

Tagma Gonpa / Samten Tharpa Choling Monastery

Description Tagma village is located on the Zhemgang-Gelephu highway, on a hill top facing the Jowo-Durshing mountains (the Black Mountains). […]

Berti Lhakhang

Description   Berti or Bertang Lhakhang is located 45 kms from Zhemgang main town, on the road to Tingtibi and […]

Tagma Eulpa Lhakhang

Description   Tagma Eulpa lhakhang or Tagma temple is in Tagma village, Trong gewog, Zhemgang district. It is a 10-minute […]

Mongling Lhakhang

Description The temple is located on a hill top above Nimshong village with a very peaceful surrounding. It is approximately […]

Phumedthang Lhakhang and Dratshang

Description Phumedthang (Phu med thang, plain without hill) lhakhang is a government owned temple located on a flat hill in […]

Dhangkhar Lhakhang

Description Dhangkhar lhakhang is 7km south of the Zhemgang Dzong and can be reached by a farm road. The temple […]

Kyebu Lungtsen Lhakhang.

Description The Kyebu Lungtsen lhakhang is eight minutes away from the Zhemgang Dzong towards Trongsa. It is a two-storey temple […]

YIGJA LHAKHANG/ Yigja Dungkhor Lhakhang

DESCRIPTION Yigja Lhakhang, locally known as Yigja Dungkhor Lhakhang is a privately owned temple built by two Tibetan refugees Ap […]

Tagma Dungkhor Lhakhang

Description Dungkhor lhakhang in Tagma village is next to Tagma Eulpa temple. It was constructed by Tagma villagers, and was […]

Lungten Gonpa Dungkhor Lhakhang

Description Dungkor lhakhang is a privately owned temple at Lungten Gonpa, Trong gewog, Zhemgang district. It is a one-storey, square […]

Ogyen Thekchen Choeling / Zangdopelri Lhakhang

Description Ogyen Thekchen Choeling, popularly known as Zangdopelri lhakhang, is in Depu village in Trong gewog under Zhemgang district. Depu […]

Zurphel Lhakhang

Description Zurphel temple is located in Zurphel village, Trong gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is situated at an elevation of 3779.5ft […]

Gongphu Lhakhang

Description The temple is located in Gongphu village, Trong gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is situated at an elevation of 4783.5 […]

Rawathang Lhakhang

Description Rawathang lhakhang is located in the south of Zhemgang town and is approximately 120 kms away from Zhemgang town, […]

Thrisa Gaden Choeling Lhakhang

Description Thrisa Gaden Choeling lhakhang is located in the south of Zhemgang town and it is approximately 132 Kms away […]

Pawangla Ney

Description Pawangla Ney is located above the gewog centre in Lamtang village in Goshing gewog under Zhemgang district.  Lamtang is […]

Goshing Trong Lhakhang

Description Goshing Trong lhakhang is in Lamtang village in Goshing gewog under Zhemgang district. Lamtang is approximately 8km drive from […]

Mamung Trong Lhakhang

Description Tashi Chhoeling, popularly known as Mamung Trong lhakhang, is in Mamung village in Phangkhar gewog under Zhemgang district. Mamung […]

Thongdrel Temple

Description The impressive Thongkhar Temple lies below the Meling Mountain range in the beautiful village of Dunglabi. The temple is […]

Umling Lhakhang

Description Umling Lhakhang is about 20 minutes’ walk from the Bardo gewog center, on the way towards Donag Yoezer Dargayling […]

Ogyen Choling Lhakhang

Description Ogyen Choling lhakhang is located above Tsaldang and Nyakha village in Nangkor gewog, Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is approximately 56 […]

Dongag Wosel Dargyeling Monastery

Description Dongag Wosel Dargyeling Monastery is located on a hilltop of Khomshar village at an altitude of 1739m above sea […]

Ogyen Choling Zangdopelri

Description Ogyen Choling Lhakhang is located in Ogyen Choling village, which is approximately 80k drive from Zhemgang, and a thirty-minute […]

Samdang Lhakhang

Description Samdang Temple is located at the centre of Khomshar village, at an altitude of 1262m, adjacent to the Basic […]

Buli Dechen Choling Lhakhang

Description   Buli Dechen Choling temple is located in the heart of Buli village under Nangkor gewog and is about […]

Lo-Nga Ney

Description     Lo-Nga Ney is situated high on the mountain between Khomshar and Bardo village under Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is about […]

Namling Lhakhang or Guru Lhakhang

Description Namling lhakhang is situated a few meters above the main road, on the left side of the settlement, amidst […]

Tunglabi Tsho (Lake)

Description Tunglabi Tsho (lake) is in the deserted Tunglabi village, and it is found below Goenpong temple and just above […]

Goenpong Lhakhang

Description Goenpong lhakhang (temple) is located on a hill top above the desolate Tunglabi village. It is surrounded by fallow […]

Wadang Lhakhang

Description Wadang lhakhang is located in the centre of Wadang village, covering around 60 decimal land area. It is half […]

Zhemgang Dzong

Description Zhemgang is one of the districts in central Bhutan, and the Zhemgang dzong sits on a ridge that drops […]

Duenmang Tshachu/ Duenmang Hot Spring

Description   Duenmang Tshachu or Duenmang hot spring is located on a steep cliff of Kamjong in Nangkor gewog under […]

Bjoka Lhakhang /Lhendrup Choling Lhakhang

Description Bjoka is situated around an hour’s drive from Panbang. A feeder road branches off the Zhemgang – Pangbang highway […]

Panthang Lhakhang/ Panthang Mangi Lhakhang

Description Panthang village lies to the south east of Zhemgang town. It is located along the newly built national highway, […]

Nangla Lhakhang

Description Nangla temple is located on top of a gentle hill, which is part of a mountain ridge where the […]

Sonam Choling Dratshang

Description Sonam Choling Dratshang or Sonam Choling Monastic School is located two kilometers drive east of Panbang town under Zhemgang […]

Yosel Choling Lhakhang or Throma Lhakhang

Description Yosel Choling Lhakhang, also known as Throma Lhakhang, sits at the end of the valley in the part of […]

Royal Manas National Park

Description The Royal Manas National Park covers an area of 1057 kilometer square – 653 kms(2) of core zone and […]

Buli Tsho

Description Tshomen Kuntu Zangmo commonly known as Buli Menmo is believed to be the deity of the Buli Tsho (Lake). […]

Buli Khelam Gonpai Lhakhang

Description Buli Khelam Gonpai Lhakhang is a privately-owned temple, and it is located in Buli Gonpa village. One can reach […]

Thendrel Choeling Monastery/Thanglajong Lhakhang

Description Thanglajong Lhakhang is community-owned temple located at Thanglajong village, Trong gewog (block), Zhemgang district, which is at an elevation […]

Monmo Tokto Lhakhang

Description Monmo Tokto Lhakhang features more of Tibetan architectural design. It is a two-story Lhakhang built on a hill. The […]

Kheng Buli Khar Lhakhang/Bar lhakhang

Description Khar Lhakhang is a community-owned temple located in the middle of Buli village, Zhemgang. It is a one-story temple […]

Houses of Bjoka and Ngangla Trong

Description Until recently, only the Khoche (Lords) families in Bjoka and in Ngangla had a house made of stone and wood […]

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