Articles in Intangible Heritage for Zhemgang

Berti Kharchoed: A Bon offering of Berti

Description Berti village is half-an-hour drive north of Tingtibi town and it is connected by a 5km feeder road from […]


Description Gung Lha is a bon ritual, which involves Kartshog or white offerings consisting of feast, libation and purification rituals […]

Tsharzo: An Economic Activity of Kheng Bjoka

Description Zhemgang district is the heartland of a unique Bhutanese weaving culture, which famously produces the traditional Bhutanese art and […]

Bangchung making in Bjoka

Description Bjoka gewog lies in the south-east part of the Zhemgang dzongkhag. It is considered as the remotest gewog in […]

Amai Ugyen Pelzom – A Mournful Tribute to Kheng Buli

Description Amai Ugyen Pelzom is a song of sorrow (འཁྲུལ་གླུ) that is sung in Kheng Buli in Zhemgang Dzongkhag. The […]

Chili Chili Bya Chili – A Vibrant Song of Kheng Ngangla Trong

Description A traditional song called Chili Chili Bya Chili is popular in Ngangla gewog in Zhemgang district. On every occasion, […]

Bomeyla Karmai Wangzom – A Voice of Kheng Ngangla Trong

Description Ngangla gewog is in Zhemgang district, which is in the south-central part of Bhutan. In Bhutan, each locality has […]

Food in Ngangla Trong

Description Ngangla is one of the gewogs in Zhemgang district bordering India. Zhemgang is traditionally divided into three parts as […]

Kharphu: A Bon Festival of Shingkhar

Description Zhemgang district has much to offer in terms of culture and heritage. Every year, many different religious and cultural […]

Traditional Yeast-Making in Buli

Description Kheng Buli is popularly known as the place of lotus bowl, and it is located 56k from the district […]

Bhutan Bird Festival at Tingtibi

Description Zhemgang dzongkhag (district) lies in central Bhutan and it is known for its rich and diverse flora and fauna. […]

Tongba: Traditional Local Beer

Description Tongba is a local drink that is popular in Ngangla Trong gewog in Zhemgang district. It is a traditional […]

Raksha Bungba and Bunga Achara: Traditional Delicacy of Kheng Ngangla

Description  Zhemgang district lies in the south-central part of Bhutan, and it is covered with lush green sub-tropical vegetation. And […]

Traditional Food and Food Grains of Kheng region

Description Zhemgang district lies in the south-central part of Bhutan and it is divided into eight gewogs. Each village and […]

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      In 1963, the ancient region of Kheng (the historical Khengri Namsum) was divided into the districts of Mongar and Zhemgang. […]