Articles in Monasteries & Temples for Langthil

Tudrak Gonpa

Description Tudrak Gonpa is located on the top of a mountain, which is covered in dense forest. It takes around […]

Wenkhar Lhakhang

Description Wenkhar Lhakhang is located 70 kilometers away from Trongsa town, towards Zhemgang on the Trongsa-Gelephu Highway. It is a […]

Dangdung Yulsar Lhakhang

Description Dangdung Lhakhang lies above the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway, and on the left side of the Mangdechu. It is approximately a […]

Baling Lhakhang

Description Baling Lhakhang is a community-owned temple located above the Trongsa-Zhemgang highway near Koshila. It is about 83 km from […]

Bayling Lhakhang

Description The temple is located in Bayling village, about 23 kilometers south of the main town of Trongsa towards Zhemgang. […]

Lingtoe Lhakhang

Description Lingtoe Lhakhang (temple) is beautifully located on the top of a hill in Dangdung village in Langthel gewog, Trongsa district. […]

Sherling Lhakhang

Description Sherling Lhakhang is located in Sherling village, Langthel gewog, which is about 53 km south of Trongsa town toward […]

Terdrag / Terbrag Lhakhang

Description Terdrag Lhakhang is located approximately 3 hours by foot from Namthir village, which is 55 km from Trongsa town […]

Kuelbung Gonpa

Description Kuelbung Gonpa is located in Namthir village, which is about 4 kilometers above the Trongsa–Gelephu highway and 55 kms […]