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Chorten Nyingpo Lhakhang

Description Chorten Nyenpo is not a chorten but a temple built on the top of a hill in Chhume above […]

Buli Lhakhang

Description Buli is located on a knoll to the left of the road while driving down from Yutola pass into […]

Choedrak Gonpa

Description Choedrak Monastery (3800m) is located high on the northern ridge dominating the whole Chhume valley. The main buildings are […]

Nyimalung Gonpa

Description Nyimalung is located on a forested hill, half an hour’s walk above Prakar. There is now also a motorable […]

Pangtey Lhakhang

Description Very modest building on a ridge close to the forest and, not far from Nyimalung Monastery and Prakhar. History […]

Samtenling Lhakhang

Description On a forested hillock on the old footpath to Tharpaling lay the ruins of the Upper Samtenling called Ngatshang […]

Tharpaling Gonpa

Description Tharpaling monastery located at 3,600m is composed of a series of buildings overlooking the Chhume valley. A rough road […]

Uru Lhakhang

Description It is located below Buli village on the right side of the rough road leading toward Tharpaling monastery from […]

Zugne Lhakhang

Description A very small and low building under a tree on the right side of the main Trongsa-Jakar road, near […]

Thugchije Lhakhang

Description Stone Temple with a large wooden gallery located on the right side of the Trongsa-Jakar highway at the entrance […]

Dungtsekhar Lhakhang

Description Dungtsekhar is a small temple on the left of the road in Gyetsa village while driving down from Yutola […]

Nyimalung Trenda

Article in Progress

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      The Chhume valley with an average altitude of 2,600 metres (8,860 feet), is a wide valley dotted with villages and […]